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Tips to Wash and Dry Screen Printed T-shirts

Just got yourself a custom screen printed T-shirt? Congratulations!

Don't know how to wash and dry it? No worries! We have got you covered.

Screen-printed t-shirts need extra care and caution when it comes to taking care of them. Their washability and durability should be taken into considerations once we get ourselves screen-printed T-shirts. The only way to make them last is doing washing and drying in the right way.

This post is your T-shirt laundry guide and we have frequently asked questions answered.

1. Can I put my T-shirt I just brought from print house to wash?

As soon as you bring your custom printed t-shirt home, you might want to get it dried, clean, and ready to wear. But, have patience. It's best to let your shirt stay put for at least a day so the ink is cured and dry. You want your design to completely be cured into the fabric.

2. Do I have to follow care label instructions?

Care labels are rather murky when it comes to printed T-shirts, some of them are considerate about the printing but some really relate to the original plain shirt only. When a simple shirt becomes a customized print, a major transformation takes place and you have to approach it as a whole new item. The original labels do not supervise our printing procedure technically speaking. Screen-printed products might be damaged by things like heat, dry washing, or toughening agents.

Thus, it's always prudent to ask your printer about the correct washing methods for your printed t-shirts.

3. How do I wash my screen-printed T-shirt?

There is much more to wash a cloth than to toss it into the machine, especially when you are doing your screen-printed tees. Before you get to the actual washing, remember to separate all your other clothes dark from light, pants from t-shirts, you do want color transfers and print peeling.

Here are our five tips:

a. You don't need strong detergent and bleach to wash your t-shirt.

Some chemicals are hard on clothing and might cause fading of the design on your clothing. Avoid bleach and harsh chemicals when washing to ensure that the design lasts as long as possible. If you need to remove spots and stains, use light stain removers and gentle detergent solutions.

b. Wash in cold water.

Screen printed shirts, unlike other clothes, require just mild washing. Use cold water to avoid fabric damage and to thoroughly clean your T-shirts.

c. Wash similar colored clothes together with Screen printed t-shirts.

To avoid color transfers and print peeling wash only similar colored clothes together. If your t-shirts and bright colored, you need to pay extra attention to prevent them from being stained during the wash with other clothes. Sometimes its best to wash them separately.

d. You don't need to wash your shirts after every single use!

Washing and drying your screen-printed shirts accelerates the aging process and makes them more susceptible to damage. The ideal method to prolong their life is to avoid cleaning them after each usage. If you have just worn them for a short time and want to keep them clean, consider hanging them or putting them back in your closet.

e. Wash your screen-printed t-shirts inside out.

This is a no-brainer, but it is occasionally overlooked. Turning a screen-printed t-shirt inside out avoids fading and pilling, ensuring that your garment remains as bright and crisp as the day you purchased it.

4. How to or How not to dry screen printed T-shirts?

a. Don’t put your shirts in a hot dryer.

Exposing your screen-printed shirts to hot temperatures is a bad idea. Just like washing sensitive garments in hot water, setting your dryer to the highest level can damage the fabric. The heat created by the dryer and hot water washing are the two most common causes of textile shrinking, especially when washing cotton.

b. Do let them dry naturally.

A nice old-fashioned washing line, remember those? is the finest way to dry your clothing. In this manner, you avoid unexpected shrinking, which might ruin your print. If you choose the natural route and hang your clothing out, make careful to do so away from direct sunshine. Light (especially sunlight) is extremely hazardous to colors.

5. How do I iron my screen-printed T-shirt?

Simple answer! Inside out!

Only iron your print if absolutely necessary. If you absolutely must, iron inside-out on the lowest possible setting, or lay a tea towel over the picture to prevent smearing.

6. Where and How should I store my screen-printed T-shirt?

Make sure your cloth storing areas are clean, dry, and dark; while garments enjoy fresh air, the sun may fade them – especially designs!
When you find the spot in your wardrobe, reject your impulses to fold. Instead, roll up your t-shirts and gently store them in your closet. best is to hang them nice and simple. This prevents creasing and distortion of the design, and it may even spare you from having to iron them.

Have any more questions? If you have any concerns with your screen-printed t-shirts, we are here to listen.

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