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6 Great Company Tshirt Design Tips

One of the biggest challenges companies face is getting people to wear company T-shirts. While company t-shirts make a decent marketing scheme, people don’t want to be walking and talking billboards with ads on their clothes. 

Company names, slogans, or any type of corporate writing may make a t-shirt design feel like an advertisement.  Its better to drop the sales pitch and up your subtle tactics with decent art.

You will find yourself reading along for the long-lasting company t-shirt ideas in this post. 

Ditch the ad, pick the art!


Naturally, people want to look decent. They understand clothes speak of their personality and thus, they want whatever they wear to add value to their characters, in a way. Despite your agenda behind company t-shirts, you ought to be focused on the art. Let the art do the advertisement for you instead of logos and slogans.

Wise choice of fabric

The feel of fabric affects how people perceive their clothes significantly. Undoubtedly, the longevity, washability, and comfort of any garment material depend on the quality. Even if you are trying to low down your budget on company t-shirts, try to choose the fabric that goes well with the design, and printing methods applied, and is suitable for repeated use. You may not want to spend money on something that will end up in the corner of the wardrobe and never sees the light of the day again!

Design that speaks volume

The idea is to create a design related to targetted people’s sentiments. Creating something that people believe in and have some regard for would give them incentives to wear the T-shirts. Whether you are a manufacturer, sales company, consulting agency, or small store, you can always find art representing your company and still speak volumes. Choosing the best designer is a challenging part, unequivocally.

Trendy and fashionable product

Creative Tshirt Ideas

Only because, we started with T-shirt ideas as a title, you don’t have to limit your option to just a T-shirt. Hoodies, sweatshirts, tank tops, caps, bags, etc are fantastic alternatives. Depending on targetted populations, age group, setting your products right would not only be smart but also desirable. You can always experiment with badges, stickers, key chains, and such.

Hire a reputable printing company

An agency that works for the best outcome for the client company always knows methods, materials, designs, and other factors involved in the printing. Good research before agency hiring is always prudent. Take the time to look at reviews, prices, customer service, the time they take, and in-house graphic designers all the while keeping the numbers you are printing out in mind. 

First work out the following:

• What is the function of these t-shirts? (Uniforms, promotional items, or casual?)
• Who will put them on? (Executives, intermediate managers, or workers?)
• How frequently will they be worn? (Every day, once a week, on exceptional occasions?)
• Under what circumstances? (Outside in the heat? Alternatively, temperature-controlled environments?)
• What is the cost of each shirt? (Can you afford anything of greater quality?)

Experimenting and Sampling before the final print

Don’t be shy when it comes to sampling when you get the first design. You can always communicate with your designer and give them feedback. You can also work with multiple designers side by side until you come with a design that you feel is exactly what you are looking for. Before you give orders for numbers, you out to experiment with colors, sizes, products, and taking time for opinions among your employees or immediate people that are going to be wearing it. It gives you confidence in final decision-making. 

In the end, You can always contact, if you have any questions. Please reach out to our sales staff, who are the finest in the business. You may reach them by using our contact section. And, once you've had your fantastic new company shirts produced, don't forget to upload a photo and share your experience in a review!

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